Interactive Social Media Anchor

Melinda Davenport serves as one of the Anchors on WISN 12 News This Morning, and considers herself an Interactive News Anchor.

From 4:30 until 7 am, Melinda is consistently live tweeting during the broadcast, engaging viewers on Facebook Live, taking polls on stories happening in the state, and on tidbits that affect WISN’s viewers.

Every day, between commercial breaks, and between anchor reads, Melinda draws viewers to the broadcast through social media before they even turn on the television. With her Verified Facebook Page, Melinda also utilizes Facebook Live to connect with Wisconsinites that are waking up and beginning their day. The conversations are yet another interactive way to speak with viewers. Melinda keeps the conversation going as real-time viewer comments are acknowledged during the Facebook broadcast.

Melinda was recently honored by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for her work in Digital Interactivity. Her goal? Expanding her digital audience and reaching more people in order to thoroughly tell the stories of her community.

What sets Melinda apart, is her drive to engage her social media audience. Every morning, Melinda posts a video to the station’s Facebook page before the broadcast, alerting viewers to what news events they can expect to see during the morning show. This initiative began in late 2014. Since then, the morning look ahead videos have been viewed more than two million times (unique video views).

Melinda is also working to enhance the station’s “digital toolkit” by posting daily on Instagram, dabbling in Google Hangouts, Snapchat, LinkedIn for philanthropic connections, and also combs through thousands of sources, tweeting and retweeting a steady stream of news and info throughout the day, in order to continue her round-the-clock digital conversation with viewers.

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